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Edward Khazaryan the founder of the microminiature art, and is an Armenian of unique talent…
A worldwide known microminiaturist who has exposed his invisible by the naked eye microminiature works during the exhibition in Yerevan more than half a century ago.
An eminent violinist-innovator, talented musician, sculptor and unexcelled caricaturist who amazed the entire world by his works.
Each aspect of his life separately may serve as a creative biography of an artist, musician, a professional biography of a doctor-ophthalmologist, cardiologist or of a professional specialist in spheres of science requiring skillful technique of performance.

His micro miniature works are hardly explicable and in large part not conceivable for a human mind.

Over the years, Edward Khazaryan has created more than 600 unique micro miniatures but his highest achievement was to found a new trend in this exacting art - moving micro miniatures.
Maestro makes his micro figures move asynchronously - no movement is repeated twice. These works are unexcelled till now though about thirty years have passed from their first exhibition.
The exhibition "World of wonders" has captured the hearts of many around the world in the United States, Russia, Japan, Egypt, Spain, Iran, etc.
By profession, Edward Khazaryan is a musician.
He has given thousands of concerts and was one of the leading musicians of the philharmonic orchestra of Armenia.
He has crafted and revived ancient instruments including the viola-pompoza of J.S. Bach.
E. Khazaryan has also created a quarter of old instruments consisting of viola pompoza, a stringed organ and the specially created "Dvin" violin and violoncello.
His collection also includes the micro analogues of many musical instruments that sound very close to originals, such as the 7 mm violin, on which Maestro plays with one finger.
Khazaryan's unique talent has been called upon in the medical field, when he has created almost invisible needles and medical instruments used to perform bloodless surgery.
Although Edward Khazaryan's skillful work is of benefit of all, his heart belongs to the world of the microminiature, this unique form of art.